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From whiteboarding to implementation
Recognizing the individuals who crafted and defined meaningful treasury solutions
The Asset 7 Jun 2022

Within any successful organization are key individuals who are always proactive and motivated to seek new methods to grow their business. This is the same for any successful corporate treasury operation, with most progressive treasury management professionals such as CFOs and treasurers having a clear goal of where they want to be in coming years, whether it be streamlining their account structure or improving their financial relationship with first-tier and second-tier suppliers.

Over the course of The Asset’s review period for the Triple A Treasury, Trade, SSC and Risk Management Awards 2022, the board of editors interacted with a significant number of treasury management professionals based in Asia and heard firsthand how they were able to overcome the challenges of manual processes and lack of visibility. Those who stood out tended to have a number of similar attributes. For one, they were driven to systematically solve the various pain points facing their operations – from automating liquidity management processes to deploying more digital payments tools to help with reconciliation matching.

Successful treasury management professionals were also able to demonstrate the ability to be flexible and nimble, adjusting to headwinds facing their business such as fluctuating FX rates by putting in place bespoke hedging tools or broadening the variety of currencies accepted within their treasury function such as the renminbi, for example.

A consistent mindset of wanting to add strategic value to their company is another trait that separates the average treasury management professional for the best. Traditionally seen as a cost centre, there is a growing trend for some treasury functions to establish themselves as centres of excellence for their respective businesses, providing insights on how costs can be reduced and growth opportunities realized.

Supporting treasury management professionals to realize their vision are the transaction bankers who often play a critical role not only in brainstorming bespoke solutions for clients but also in implementing solutions. As with the CFOs and treasurers, The Asset team engaged with individuals working in key financial institutions both on the top level and in middle management, understanding how they were able to guide their clients towards achieving their treasury goals.

From sales and client servicing to implementation, these individuals shared how trust was key to fostering a solid relationship with their clients. For example, sales managers explained that over-promising and under-delivering should be avoided at all cost while ensuring that they were always on the same page as their clients.

Implementation managers highlighted the importance of communication in executing a treasury solution: being transparent about the whole process and upfront when projects weren’t going according to plan often elicited much appreciation from clients.

Behind the company names and institutional façade are the individuals who make sure treasury processes run smoothly and effectively. We are pleased to honour this special set of individuals who made a big difference within their respective organizations.

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Stay tuned in the coming days as we announce the regional nominees as part of The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, SSC and Risk Management Awards 2022. To join the in-person annual celebratory dinner on the 6th of July 2022 at the Four Seasons Singapore, please contact us at

Louise Zhang
Louise Zhang
head of transaction banking, China
BNP Paribas
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Chito Santiago (moderator)
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