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With protests erupting across China, the government is under pressure to exit from its costly zero-Covid strategy. But the rollback of restrictions is likely to be carried out in a gradual, controlled manner, much like China’s reform and opening up of four decades ago
29 Nov 2022
Covid-19’s devastating impact on India has been compounded by the BJP government’s disastrous decision to impose nationwide lockdowns without providing any support to workers. Instead, the BJP used the pandemic to consolidate its power and suppress dissent
22 Oct 2022
Even as countries around the world lift Covid-19 restrictions, China shows no sign of easing its strict zero-Covid policy. A cost-benefit analysis finds that the Chinese strategy may be more economically sound than many assume, but also shows that it is time for the country to adopt a less severe approach
14 Oct 2022
Economists measure policy options and their consequences in terms of monetary costs or GDP. But the dilemma policymakers have faced since the outset of the pandemic is fundamentally a moral one, rooted not least in the question of when individual preferences should prevail over collective interests
30 Jan 2022
The supply disruptions plaguing the US economy are not the result of “excessive demand”, “central planning” or a lack of efficiency. Rather, it is that a logistics ecosystem that was developed to feed the beast of American consumption was not designed for a pandemic
12 Nov 2021
Although everyone hopes that Pandexit, or the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, will come soon, the economic benefits will not be unalloyed. One plausible downside scenario is that current price pressures intensify and inflation rises further, eventually requiring a monetary response
15 Sep 2021
The outlook for the global economy has gone from hopeful to bleak in the space of just a few months, owing to the rise of the Delta variant, climate-driven disasters, and previously underappreciated supply-chain disruptions. In fact, it is now hard not to conclude that future growth and development are in peril
25 Aug 2021
Vietnam’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has ordered tax and fee exemptions and reductions to support the people and businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since May, the Southeast Asian country has been struggling to curb fresh outbreaks of the fast-spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus.
10 Aug 2021
Over 40% of allocation for emerging markets, developing and pandemic-hit countries
3 Aug 2021
The most recent World Bank outlook for emerging markets and developing economies is especially significant because of the cautionary messages it contains. Whereas rich countries appear set to return to or even exceed their pre-pandemic growth rates, the developing world's prospects are more mixed
25 Jun 2021
In one year, the pandemic has halted a quarter-century of steady economic growth in Africa, disrupted value chains, and caused an unprecedented increase in inequality and poverty. As a result, the entire world is at risk, because the global economy could lose one of its future drivers of growth.
29 May 2021
Europe’s policy response to the Covid-19 economic crisis has increased budget deficits and public debt but so far cushioned the potential blow to sovereign ratings. The post-pandemic ratings trajectory will depend on governments’ ability to deliver sufficient economic growth to restore fiscal balances
18 May 2021
Intellectual property must serve the global good, rather than humanity serving the interests of a few private companies. And in the case of Covid-19, the global good is not in doubt: rapid worldwide immunization, in order to save lives, prevent the emergence of new variants, and end the pandemic.
29 Apr 2021
The Asian Development Bank approves a US$400 million loan to help the Philippines purchase safe and effective vaccines against Covid-19. The Philippines will get an additional US$300 million loan from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Together, the loans will fund the procurement of up to 110 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines for as many as 50 million Filipinos.
12 Mar 2021