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The aging population in Asia has given rise to a growing need for retirement planning and wealth management. Insurance companies are now playing a larger role in succession planning and providing investment solutions to their clients. In some local markets such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, retail customers have extensively used insurance as a key investment instrument as part of the overall asset portfolio to fulfil their financial goals. While the insurance market remains competitive in the region, clients are expecting the best advice to help them manage wealth, risks and preserve capital.

The rise of ESG initiatives is also reshaping the business and strategy of insurance companies. With an important role to drive positive changes in the community, insurance companies are coming up with various solutions tackling social and environmental issues.

As healthcare becomes top of mind as a result of Covid-19, insurance companies have launched various Covid-related insurance products as part of their ESG initiatives. In the post-pandemic world, the insurance sector is likely to become an even more important component with clients' greater awareness of health protection and wealth preservation. In addition, as the insurance industry continue to embrace digitalization and new technology, customers are set to enjoy better services and experiences post Covid-19.

In recognition of these emerging trends, The Asset is pleased to launch The Asset Triple A Insurance Awards, along with The Asset Triple A Private Capital Awards. The Asset Triple A Insurance Awards shines the spotlight on new categories to showcase the industry leaders that demonstrated best service quality and best commitment to ESG with solid business growth.

These awards, open to all insurance companies, cover the Asia-Pacific markets, including Japan and Australia. The coverage period is from April to March annually. The deadline for submissions and documents is end of May. Results will be announced in September on TheAsset.com and The Asset magazine. We look forward to your submissions. Please click on the rulebook below for details.

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