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Signatories to the Paris climate agreement must revisit and strengthen the pledges they made in COP26 for the world to reach the target net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
17 Jan 2022
Preserving biodiversity is a key part of the global climate agenda, but organizations that work in this domain often lack funding and institutional support. Structural change is required to provide these groups the stability and authority they need to prevent more damage to crucial natural systems
13 Jan 2022
there is a growing urgency for the alignment of numerous taxonomies that have proliferated over the past few years to get better data and consistent regulation.
20 Dec 2021
Industry ministry of world’s largest manufacturer, GHG emitter sets targets to meet climate commitments
6 Dec 2021
The absence of a clear, generally agreed framework for reporting the climate impact of corporate activity has been a major impediment to greening the business sector. But two initiatives that emerged at the recent COP26 climate-change conference could give bankers the tools to help their clients fund and manage the green transition
1 Dec 2021
While all politics is local, it is shaped by a fast-changing global landscape. Only a one-Earth balance sheet – a bottom-up reset of how we measure global wealth – can ensure that countries work toward a better future for all
1 Dec 2021
The fact that central banks could use their limited policy tools to pursue climate targets does not mean that they should. There are far more effective climate measures available to fiscal policymakers and regulators, and central bankers already have enough on their plates
29 Nov 2021
It is easy to see why climate activists would dismiss international negotiations like the recent COP26 climate summit as mere jawboning. But in a world of geopolitical rivalries and significant coordination challenges, compromise – and the disappointment that can come with it – is a fact of life
18 Nov 2021
The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow suffered the same lack of trust between developing and developed countries that has burdened global climate negotiations for almost three decades. Financing is at the heart of the rupture, and the time has come for a new approach
16 Nov 2021
Whether the market system can be harnessed to deliver the crucial public good of rapid and large-scale emissions reduction remains to be seen. But the creation of a new accounting standards board focused on climate-related disclosure certainly improves the odds
12 Nov 2021
Government and private representatives from the Asean financial sector achieved a milestone this week towards meeting Paris Agreement commitments by introducing a common language across the region for financing sustainable economic activities. In conjunction with COP26, the Asean Taxonomy Board releases the Asean Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance – Version 1.
12 Nov 2021
After six months of resisting industry calls to add liquefied natural gas (LNG) to its green taxonomy, the South Korean government this week finally succumbed to gas lobbyists. This is surprising as, only two weeks ago, President Moon Jae-in made a well-received, new emissions pledge – cutting the country’s greenhouse gas emissions to 40% by 2030.
4 Nov 2021
CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, has launched the first voluntary global ESG disclosure standards for investment products in a bid to address the absence of standardized ESG definitions, provide a framework for disclosure of ESG investment approaches, and address greenwashing.
3 Nov 2021
COP26 has set four major policy goals. These include the need to secure commitments by the parties on issues from coal phaseout to electric vehicle (EV) rollouts and US$100 billion in climate financing. Also, all signatories to the Paris Agreement (COP21) are expected to update their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) -- or pledge to update. Successes in key areas are crucial in maintaining the policy momentum towards coordinated action on climate change mitigation and minimizing the risk of a disorderly and uncoordinated transition to a lower-carbon economy, Sustainable Fitch says.
28 Oct 2021
At the group’s upcoming meeting in Rome, many member governments will press for more ambitious action to address climate change. But these governments must also be prepared to call out the climate laggards, starting with the United States
21 Oct 2021